Friday’s Footnotes Aug 28, 2015

It has been a busy week. Please make sure that you stayed current on these stories.

Footnote 1: IMB reduces personnel to increase impact.

Footnote 2: Sat Aug 22 saw nationwide protests against Planned Parenthood, including a small group in Charleston.

Footnote 3: CMP introduced video #8. It showed a discussion with the CEO of Stem Express. She needs another 50 livers a day, and Planned Parenthood is her volume partner.

Footnote 4: Ed Stetzer talks about the estimated 400 evangelical pastors who will be tied to Ashley Madison.

Footnote 5: The Kendrick brothers release their next Christian film: War Room.

Footnote 6: SC Baptists consider their financial vision, more money is slated to go out of state.

Footnote 7: CSU begins new semester with a record enrollment.

Footnote 8: FirstThings considers two competing visions for University life: those who prey on freshman and those who pray for them.

Footnote 9: Joe Carter at The Gospel Coalition considers the highs and lows of America’s marriage and divorce rates. The data may surprise.

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