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This weeks marks the beginning of a new adventure for Charleston Southern University (CSU) and South Carolina’s churches. In the hope of iron sharpening iron, CSU is crafting the web portal that you are now reading:

The CSU School of Christian Studies began developing this summer and will continue this year to deepen and broaden its ministry reach. This web portal intends to connect our ministry as a Christian University to the churches, pastors and believers of South Carolina. Specifically, we hope to bring the knowledge of God in Christ to bear on every aspect of life for a believer, pastor or local church by allowing our faculty and pastors to create content that builds up its readers and listeners to a more faithful walk with God.

This site’s content will include blogs, audio podcasts and event related information in three broad categories:

  • Life in the Church

o   rightly heeding the Gospel as Christ’s Bride

  • Life in the Scriptures

o   rightly heeding the Gospel according to the Bible

  • Life in the World

o   rightly heeding the Gospel as God’s messengers to a lost world

As part of a Christian university that exists to Integrate Faith in Learning, Leading and Serving, brings clarity to the gospel and its implications for the church’s life in this fallen world. Indeed, we hope to clarify, proclaim and amplify the knowledge of God and His gospel into every corner of life and into every discipline of learning.

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