Center for Medical Progress Releases Latest Planned Parenthood Video

This morning, the Center for Medical Progress released the latest in its series of videos that highlights the abortion industry. It is another behind the scenes series of discussions with Planed Parenthood’s actual people talking shop about the pros and cons of profiting from selling baby parts. In addition to the edited video, the center has also released the raw uncut and unedited versions of the discussions. There is no doubt that the edited version rightly provides context and commentary. It, also, leaves no doubt that the people of Planned Parenthood know what they are doing. Their strategy is intentionally evasive as they embark to make money off of the deceased baby body parts as “a good idea.”

The main problem for those of us who want to defund planned parenthood is that the silence over the issue is growing. That is, the initial shock wave with the first few videos seems to have subsided in the Americans who actually saw the videos. The American people will very quickly define their moral character in whether or not the knowledge of this industry’s practices is just another part of modern life or whether we turn from it. I am not optimistic for the short term, but, as Russ Moore says, I remain a long term optimist. Hearts are being softened through such, but we need to continue to give a voice to the voiceless babies so that those moms, dads, doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators who have some investment in this industry will willingly abandon their role in it.

This video follows action by the State of South Carolina against Planned Parenthood’s three in-state facilities. Two are under threat of government shutdown, and all have been cited for some legal infractions. The US House of Representatives continues their investigations, but for most Americans this issue remains meaningless and insignificant. We can only hope that we may raise up gospel voices so that many involved may find life in Christ.

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