Semester Series: Arthur Holmes, The Idea of a Christian College

Here at Charleston Southern University, we are university committed to “integrating faith in learning, leading, and serving” – this is a part of our vision statement. As Dean of the School of Christian Studies, I desire to continually be focused on the mission that God has called us to here in the school of Christian Studies – “The School of Christian Studies exists to prepare Christian disciples who faithfully serve Christ and his church.”

As a Christian University, we have a unique mission and task here at CSU. A classic book that addresses the vision and task of the Christian University is The Idea of A Christian College by Arthur HolmesSo over the next couple of months, I will be blogging through the chapters of this book here at, summarizing Holmes’s exposition and argument, and then providing my own reflections on Christian higher education. If you’d like, get a copy and read along! But the posts will stand on their own as summaries of the ideas of the book. My hope is that this series will be helpful to our readers for seeing the place of the Christian University in the work of God’s kingdom.

I’ll start with Chapter 1 – “Why a Christian College” – next week.


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