Friday’s Footnotes Aug 14, 2015

Footnote 1: The Center for Medical Progress released their 6th video on Planned Parenthood’s trade in human body parts. This video featured a compelling testimony of a worker at a Planned Parenthood partner, StemExpress, describing the impact of the bottom line on how PP executed its process. Mothers consent was not rightly acquired and some abortions clearly are occurring against the mother’s will or in a highly emotional state. While it is not as graphics as the first 5 videos, the ugly truth of the abortion industry is highlighted.

The Daily Signal emphasized at least three ways that Planned Parenthood may be violating existing law with the evidence shown thus far in these videos.

Owen Strachan from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood emphasizes the contrast between Planned Parenthood’s hopelessness and the Gospel’s abiding hope.

Russell Moore of the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission echoed Owen’s thoughts as he explains his hope for what comes after these videos.

Ross Douthat answers the main prochoice questions with prolife answers in a stirring piece.

Footnote 2: CSU is hosting the free Epic Bible Study Teacher Training on the book of Genesis this Saturday from 8 AM – Noon. Please sign up! We would love to see you and your church there.

Footnote 3: Joe Carter at the Gospel Coalition explains a study that Gay Teens Have Higher Rates of Pregnancy Than Straight Teens.

Footnote 4: The Federalist features a commentary on the end of religious freedom in America in light of a Colorado baker’s legal jeopardy.

Footnote 5: The South Carolina Baptist Convention held a fantastic webinar on Ministry in a Post Marriage Culture.

Footnote 6: Andrew T. Walker explains the reasoning behind Union University’s departure from the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).

Footnote 7: Robert Oscar Lopez at the Witherspoon Institute explains what connects the Planned Parenthood butchery of babies to the Obergefell decision on gay marriage: the death of the humanities in the modern University.

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