The Latest PP Video is Released

The Center for Medical Progress has released its latest video exposing Planned Parenthood’s trade in human body parts. It features a former Procurement Technician for a Planned Parenthood Partner, StemExpress. With accompanying records, she describes in detail just how those involved pressure women into the abortion procedure for the sake of the bottom line. Fortunately, the imagery is not as graphic as the prior videos, but its content is at times overwhelming. Real lives are being turned upside down every day. For me, at least, this interview shines a light on the many victims involved in this evil trade: the babies, the moms and the abortion workers. The babies die quickly, but all of the others are also slowly dying from this painful and despicable trade. The trauma is real. There is nothing good or pleasant about Planned Parenthood.

We must #DefundPP because #PPSellsBodyParts and because #AbortionIsMurder. Keep praying.


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