Jonathan Edwards on Using Our Time Wisely

A practical way to understand your priorities and commitments is to see how your time is spent. Consider the following thoughts from the 18th century theologian and philosopher Jonathan Edwards:

How little is the preciousness of time considered, and how little sense of it do the greater part of mankind seem to have! And to how little good purpose do many spend their time! There is nothing more precious, and yet nothing of which men are more prodigal. Time is with many, as silver was in the days of Solomon, as the stones of the street, and nothing accounted of. They act as if time were as plenty as silver was then, and as if they had a great deal more than they needed, and knew not what to do with it. If men were as lavish of their money as they are of their time, if it were as common a thing for them to throw away their money, as it is for them to throw away their time, we should think them beside themselves, and not in the possession of their right minds. Yet time is a thousand times more precious than money; and when it is gone, cannot be purchased for money, cannot be redeemed by silver or gold. (1)

Let’s not spend our time today on that which ultimately does not satisfy (Isaiah 55:2); instead let’s be people of whom it can be said that we are “making the best use of the time” (Eph 5:16).


(1) “The Preciousness Of Time And The Importance Of Redeeming It” Dated December 1734. Found online HERE

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