Dr. Paul Copan is Coming to Charleston

CSU is honored to have one of the best modern Christian philosophers on campus this next week: Dr. Paul Copan. This morning, I had the pleasure  in our latest podcast of asking Dr. Copan about his upcoming conference and lectures. While the audio of our podcast is unfortunately bad, his ideas come across great. I cannot wait to listen to and learn from this scholar next week. I hope that you will join us.

Dr. Copan is Professor of Philosophy and Ethics and the Pledger Chair at Palm Beach Atlantic University. His work often connects some of the toughest questions of the day to the historic Christian faith. His works include The Ethics of ‘Holy War’ for Christian Morality and Theology and Is God a Moral Monster? Making Sense of the Old Testament God. His PhD. is from Marquette University following his earlier studies at Trinity International University and Colombia International University.

The conference will span three days, Mon Oct 19-Wed Oct 21.

Mon Oct 19 at East Cooper Baptist Church

7 PM — Is God a Moral Monster? Lecture and Open Forum

Tue, Oct 20 at Charleston Southern University

11 AM — If I Am a Christian, Why Do I Doubt?

3:30 PM — Understanding and Responding to the New Atheists

Wed, Oct 21 at Charleston Southern University

11 AM — Is God a Moral Monster?

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