Christ Alone

This year is the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. In honor of this anniversary I am dedicating five blogs from myself to summarizing the five central theological tenets of the Reformation. This is the fourth of those five. (Here are links to the first, second, and third posts.) +++++++ No one… Continue reading Christ Alone

Acts 17:16 – Tourist or Missionary?

Now while Paul was waiting for them at Athens, his spirit was provoked within him as he saw that the city was full of idols. – Acts 17:16   Are we going to live as tourists or missionaries? As Christians this is the question we must face everyday. It is quite easy to live as a tourist in America. There are plenty of distractions that can draw our attention away from the people around us that need Jesus.… Continue reading Acts 17:16 – Tourist or Missionary?

Who is Jesus? Liar, Lunatic, Legend, or Lord?

Celebrating Easter often provides a reminder that Christianity proclaims some pretty unique and significant claims. This is a time each year where Christians celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of the one they call Lord. Christians celebrate that a man died on a cross to take away their sins, was buried in a grave, and… Continue reading Who is Jesus? Liar, Lunatic, Legend, or Lord?

Resurrection People

In a crazy world professional golfer Bernhard Langer got tangled in a voter fraud story with President Donald Trump. It was a short news flash in all the campaign dirt and the President called Langer to clear the air. It reminded me of the shock waves the German golfer made after winning the 1993 Masters… Continue reading Resurrection People

Frequently Asked Questions – Doubtful Practices and the Christian Faith

This is the blog in a series of posts on questions that I get asked all the time in my role as a New Testament professor. This series will run through the summer of 2017. The first post on “Judgment, Paul, and Jesus” can be read HERE. At Charleston Southern University I am blessed and… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions – Doubtful Practices and the Christian Faith

Pastor, Love Through Teaching

As a pastor, our aim is to love of congregations well. However, loving them well can be a great challenge! After all, each member has their own preferences for how they wished to be love. We attempt to show our love in a variety of ways, mostly through the giving of our time. We sit… Continue reading Pastor, Love Through Teaching

The Baby Boomerang Thing

It was a lament of the baby boomer generation, the 1961 British parody song My Boomerang Won’t Come Back. Controversy followed it from England to Australia to the United States in an early version of political correctness. Evidently the aboriginal references were distasteful to some people. But, the frustration expressed in the lyrics was more… Continue reading The Baby Boomerang Thing

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