Epic Bible Study Training


Saturday, August 15 , 2020

Online Study with Dr. Link: Register Here

Due to the recent events with COVID – 19, we are taking precautionary measures here at Charleston Southern University. With this said, we will host an online version of this upcoming EPIC Study via Zoom (a free online meeting program). Details to connect will follow your registration.

(The event is free, but registration is important so that workbooks and other supplies can be prepared.)


On Saturday, August 15, 2020, CSU will hold our next Epic Bible Teacher Training. It will prepare area Bible teachers to teach this prophetic book. This training focuses on the big picture of this book and answers interpretive questions in a balanced manner so that these area Bible teachers can design their own individual lessons with a book’s larger message in mind.

Who will teach? Dr. Peter Link, Associate Professor of Christian Studies at Charleston Southern University .

Who should consider coming?

• Any area bible teacher who wants to learn how this book fit into the Bible’s message.

• Any area senior, associate, education or discipleship pastor who wants to investigate whether this type of training will be beneficial to his church’s Bible Study ministry.

• Any Christian who wants to study how this book fit into the Bible’s message.

What is the cost? This training is free.

When will this meeting occur? 8 AM–Noon, August 15, 2020.

Where will the meeting occur? It will take place online via Zoom.us. The details to connect will follow your registration.

What do participants need to bring? A Bible, a writing utensil and an open heart. We’ll provide a workbook.

What do I do next?

Please register here.

Upcoming EPIC events:

November 2020 – Luke Pt.1 with Dr. Ed Gravely