Over 50 Attend the 2022 Endure Apologetics Conference

Life: Origin. Value. Purpose. These words made up the theme of this year’s Apologetics conference that was held at Charleston Southern University. Last Friday, over 50 high school students were able to attend this thought-provoking conference.

“The Endure Conference was a great opportunity for our kids to dive deeper into Christian World and life views!”

Dr. Robert Weaver – History Teacher – Palmetto Christian Academy

The purpose of the Endure Conference is to act as a “catalyst for helping students understand how the Bible defines life’s origin, details life’s true, eternal value, and declares life’s ultimate purpose. Endure prepares high school students under university professors who specialize in Theology, Student Ministry, Philosophy, and the Old and New Testament.”

“The speakers were amazing and challenged me to think about truth and our culture in all new ways.”

LilyFaith – High School Senior – Veritas Classical School

Breakout Session I Talks

Paul And the Meaning of Life­

Dr. Ed Gravely – College of Christian Studies Professor

The big questions about the meaning of life—Why am I here? What is my life all about? What are the most important things in life? —are some of the most pressing and important questions for students. But thankfully God has not left us in the dark about why we exist. Paul, as he explains the teaching of Jesus to the churches, tells us the meaning of life and the purpose and mission God has for all his children.

Created for Relationship: The Image of God and the Purpose of Man

Dr. Peter Beck – College of Christian Studies Professor

The highlight of Genesis’ creation account is the creation of mankind in God’s image. Of all creation, only humanity is “like” Him. And, then, His Son became one of us. Why? So, that we might spend eternity with God.

Life in the Body

Dr. Jonathan Watson – College of Christian Studies Professor

Do our bodies matter? Do they tell us anything about who we truly are? Our society has raised important questions about the significance of the body for understanding our identity, sexuality, and significance. In this talk, I will help us think biblically about our bodies and why they matter.

The Value of Human Life

Dr. Michael Bryant – College of Christian Studies Professor

The Christian church has consistently viewed abortion as morally wrong. Granted, many non-believers (and even some believers) have argued otherwise, which has sometimes resulted in confusion. However, because people are made in God’s divine image (Gen 1:26-27), He places a special value on human life. In God’s eyes, abortion is morally wrong. This session will look not only at what Christians have believed about abortion but also why they value life so dearly.

Breakout Session II Talks

Desires of the heart

Dr. Ross Parker – College of Christian Studies Professor

We all have desires to find purpose, fulfillment, and meaning in life. Many people think that Christianity would tell us to suppress and stamp out our desires. I’ll argue this is not the case. If we fully follow our desires, they will lead us to God.

Humanity: Identity, Purpose, Morality

Dr. Ben Phillips – College of Christian Studies Professor

Some of the most important questions for anyone in our society are; Who am I?  What purpose does my life have? How can we agree on what is moral so that we can live together?  The way our culture teaches us to establish identity, find purpose, and develop a shared morality creates fragile, meaningless, and confused people. Yet, broken by sin like everyone else, it often seems Christians are no better. In this breakout you will see how the Bible’s teaching about humanity answers these three questions.  You’ll learn to explain how these answers offer something much stronger, durable, and stable than our culture knows.  Most of all, you’ll see the value of pointing your friends to something that no other philosophy or religion can… the God who became one of us.  

Mission and the Defense of the Diversity of Life

Dr. Ryan Gimple – College of Christian Studies Professor

Discover how the mission of God unlocks motivation to defend the diversity of life. Christian mission has been portrayed as an imperialistic destroyer of the diversity of life, destroying the diversity of both nature and human cultures. But what if God’s mission and the mission he gave to the church involves cultivating diversity?

Hope in a Sea of Despair

Dr. Ron Harvell – College of Christian Studies Professor

Hope is the strategy. Hope is not a place of wishing for something, it is the place of the greatest reality.  It is the result of one’s life being built on a ‘rock.’ Learn how to use hope to prevent, endure, and grow through the storms of life.

Students listened to Keynote Speaker Dr. Brent Crowe, Vice President of Leadership University in Orlando, Florida speak before dividing into Breakout sessions which focused on topics such as “Paul and the Meaning of Life”, “Life in the Body,” and “Mission and the Defense of the Diversity of Life.”

“It was educational in learning about the origin and purpose of life through interactive stories!”

High School Juniors – Palmetto Christian Academy

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